Moving Tips



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Moving Tips

Tips for planning to move house or home
When it is time to move home or house, the first very important tip is to consider what plan have you got in place?

Here are some tips you should be considering upfront:

Ascertain a firm date for moving. If this is not possible an approximate date will do for now.

  • Have a thorough clean out.
  • Start running down frozen and canned foods.
  • Check all your larger items of furniture fit in your new home.
  • Prepare an inventory of furniture and household items.
  • Contact your removalist for a quote - Amax Removals - 1300 305 861.
  • Make a list of change of address for friends and family.

4 Weeks before move

  • List essential things youll need on moving day.
  • Collect or buy sturdy cardboard boxes. We have proper removal cartons and Porta- Robes available. (Ask about our hire service)
  • Advise your childrens school/kindergarten of your impending move.
  • Decide your childrens new school/kindergarten.
  • Seek advice on how to organise your packing.

2-3 Weeks before move

  • Start packing, labeling each box. If you would prefer the removalist to do the packing we offer a full Packing Service at reasonable rates.
  • Arrange with the Post Office to redirect your mail.
  • Arrange transfer of Household Insurance.
  • Arrange any additional insurance required for your furniture and personal items while in transit. We can arrange all your insurance needs (transit insurance is included in our quotation).
  • Organise final accounts for gas, electricity and telephone.
  • Arrange Electoral Roll Transfer.
  • Confirm date with Removalist.
  • Check with removalist how to prepare for packing and transporting ornaments, collectables, antiques, fragile and electrical goods, etc.
    Last days
  • Cancel local arrangements i.e. mowing, newspaper deliveries, etc
  • Collect Lay-bys, dry-cleaning, etc
  • Return library books.
  • Have a final clean out, getting rid of all flammable liquids. For your insurance purposes NO FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS can be transported by Removalists.
  • Return any rented gas bottles.
  • Clean and defrost fridge and freezer.
  • Dismantle swing sets, washing machine, beds, etc.

Tips for moving house on moving day

Firstly, you must be prepared prior to moving day and we strongly recommend you are prepared as per our planning tip!
Here are some tips for the moving day of your house:

  • If you cannot be at the house/storage unit make sure someone is there to meet the Removalist or arrange a key.
  • Carry with you essential things youll need when you first arrive. Also carry valuables and important papers.
  • Dont forget the pets. See your vet for advice on moving your pets long distances.
  • Arrange to clean the house after the furniture is moved.
  • Check there is nothing left behind.
  • Check all the taps are turned off.
  • Check the gas is turned off at the meter.
  • Check the electricity is turned off at the mains switch.
  • Check the phone is disconnected.
  • Check all windows and doors are locked.
  • Surrender house keys to the new owners, estate agents, solicitors or caretaker.